Half Day sessions on the following dates -
8:30a - 12:00p
1:00p - 4:30p
Tues., Sept. 18, 2007
Thurs., Sept. 20, 2007
Tues., Oct. 2, 2007
Tues., Oct.  9, 2007
Tues, Oct. 30, 2007
Thurs., Nov. 8, 2007
Tues., Nov. 27, 2007
Thurs., Nov. 29, 2007
Tues., Dec. 4, 2007
Thurs., Dec. 13, 2007
Tues., Jan. 22, 2008
Thurs., Feb. 28, 2008
Tues., Mar. 18, 2008
Thurs., Apr. 24, 2008
Tues., May 6, 2008

Note that dates are subject to change!

Microsoft Movie Maker
Digital Cameras
Student Response Systems
Free Online Software
Web Design
Hardware Connection
Coach Books for CRCT
Google Software
Basic PC Troubleshooting/Tech Skills
Interactive Whiteboards
Hardware Troubleshooting

Topics are subject to change

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Cool Tools and More for Media Specialists and Support Personnel

Introducing a Special Program for Media Specialists, Media Assistants, Instructional Technology Specialists, Technology Coordinators, and other Support Personnel at the school and/or District level offered in Augusta!

Registration Information:
A)  To view all course information, dates and times, click the toolbox.
B) Call 706-821-0630 for registration and course content information.

Locations:  ETTC at the National Science Center's Fort Discovery in Augusta, UGA's ETTC, and Armstrong Atlantic's ETTC

Cost:  $25 for 1 PLU, $50 for 2PLUs, $60 for 3 PLUs, $70 for 4 PLUs, and $80 for 5 PLUs- space is limited to 20 per session (you will need to let us know which session dates and times you will attend when you complete the registration process)

Credit:  Participants must attend 3 half day sessions to receive 1 PLU, 6 sessions to receive 2 PLUs, 9 sessions to receive 3 PLUs, 12 sessions to receive 4 PLUs, and 15 sessions to receive 5 PLUs.

Times: 8:30a - 12:00p OR 1:00p - 4:30p (attend morning or afternoon session) (you will need to let us know which session dates and times you will be attending when you register)

Lunch:  Lunch will be on your own.  The Deli on the Levee is located inside of Fort Discovery just across from the ETTC labs.

Participants will:
A) Understand and relate technology tools to manage all aspects of a Media Center.
B) Recognize and understand the 21st Century Learning Environments concept.
C) Recognize and successfully utilize 21st Century Learning tools
D) Identify and explore current trends and issues in instructional technology