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Example of a successful load


Please note in this example there are 2 records and the source file and both of them got inserted.  This means all the records were inserted without errors and thus no action is required.


Also please note that:

  1. LogFile and ERROR_SOURCEFILE_MSG both have only two informational records each which means that it does not have any errors
  2. There are no other errors such as ERROR_KL_PERIOD or ERROR_KL_LOCATION.

Example of a file that had errors


Please note here there were 2 records but only 1 of them got loaded.   This file has formatting error so there are errors in the ERROR_SOURCEFILE_MSG.  One of the records in the file does not contain district number, which makes the format of the record invalid.  If you open up the ERROR_SOURCEFILE_MSG you would see



The error message tells you that it found a record that contains no District Code



Please note that the first record in the source file contains a valid district code of 648, whereas the second record does not have a district code.