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Online Resources

The following is a list of resources we have previewed and believe are valuable for classroom instruction.  We have attempted to delete any sites from our previous list that contain advertisements.  Hopefully, as the school year progresses, we will continuously add to this resource in an effort to support your teaching endeavors.  If you come across any sites you find useful, please send us an email and we will share your find with others via this list.

Happy surfing!


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BBC English Video clips (worth taking a look at!)

Featured Links:

  • Library of Congress Online: 

    There are several image and video files here that are free of copyright obligation.  Images/videos with a blue border can be used in your classrooms and presentations freely!

    The Learning Page contains links to many lessons, activities, and tips and tricks for using the Library of Congress collections in the classroom.

    The Library of Congress' Teachers page contains links to collections of digital media including images, lyrics, songs, sheet music, audio clips, and many more resources that could be useful in classrooms.


  • Plagiarism Checker:

    Because our students are becoming ever more computer and internet savvy, it is sometimes tempting to them to use ideas from online resources in their school work without providing citations for those ideas.  As teachers, it is not difficult to determine which parts of papers have been plagiarized, but it is hard to determine where those ideas originated.  Plagiarism Checker is web-based (no download required) and completely free.  It will search Google and/or Yahoo search engine results for the portions of the paper you are concerned may contain unoriginal work.  You can either type the portion of the paper into the text box, or you can simply cut and paste it from an electronic version of the work.  This is a great tool, especially when considering the popularity of these two search engines with our students.

  • Google Lit Trips:

    Google Lit Trips is a website constructed by a Google Certified Teacher that is designed to help teachers of all grade levels incorporate Google Earth into their ELA instruction.  He has created placemarks that correspond with novels and stories that you can download to your computer and automatically incorporate into your globe on Google Earth.  Using these placemarks, you can take a virtual field trip through the locations discussed in the books.  This is really neat and worth the time to check out!

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