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These resources are provided FREE for all Georgia Educators and other educators worldwide by the Educational Technology Center housed at the National Science Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Attention Media Specialists: Help our new list of resources grow for you and your colleagues. Submit your great sites today!

PeachStar United Streaming (free to all GA schools)
Technology Solutions That Work - research on technology hardware and software and its effectiveness in the classroom  (free log-in provided to Media Specialists and Administrators by ETC)
NetTrekker DI - differentiated instruction!  All the features you love in netTrekker classic, plus new readability ratings, customized ELL content and a school-friendly image search.  (free log-in provided to Media Specialists by ETC)
Georgia Virtual High School
Google handout    "Great Googly Moogly" sound clip

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David V. Loertscher website
David V. Loertscher blog
PlaysForCertain - How media is used in Powerpoint along with Quick Answers
Free Online Concept Mapping Application
Media Awareness Network - resources and support for everyone interested in media and information literacy for young people






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