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How to Claim and Dispute GTID PPT

Questions brought up during GTID Training
The questions that were posed by the participants are listed below with answers.

  • What is the determining factor for GTID access (who has access)? Larger districts are concerned that this will be a district function rather than a school function. 
    Each district will determine who within the district and each school has access to the GTID application.
  • Refers to question 1.  If school level access is granted, then will limits or restrictions to various parts of the application become available.  (For example: Limits on access to create a new ID to prevent duplicates from carelessly being created.)
    No.  If a person is granted access to the GTID application then they will have access to all of the functionality within the application.
  • Are there any guidelines from the GaDOE that determines GSSIS responsibilities at the district vs. school level? Maybe best practices or recommendations would be the better term.
    GaDOE does not currently have any best practices documentation or recommendations.  Each district will determine how they want to assign responsibilities probably based on how they currently enroll students (district or school).
  • Will any documentation wrt best practices/ lessons learned be forthcoming from the pilot districts?
    We will forward your comment to the Pilot team for some lessons learned to be documented once the pilot is completed.
  • Is there a more defined timeline for the extract utility availability on www.GSSIS.org website?
    Once pilot is complete, GaDOE needs to ensure identified system problems have been resolved prior to opening the application to the rest of the state.  Pilot results and error resolution will drive the date for state-wide GTID download.  The ETTCs will be offering training on the reporting tools beginning in October.  To avoid overloading the districts, we foresee implementation beginning after FTE is over in November.  We will be providing more information to you and the other districts in the near future.
  • With regard to timelines, when will the GTID application open for GTID extractions?
    Pilot results and error resolution will drive the date for state-wide GTID download.
  • Will there be additional training wrt extract templates (i.e.; required/critical fields)?
    GaDOE does not have any current plans to provide training specifically on the eScholar extract templates.  The reason for this is that many of the templates contain more elements than we use here in Georgia.  It is better to focus on the elements that we collect specifically here within our state.  GaDOE is currently working on providing the districts with file layouts which will indicate which fields are required and critical. The template name will be provided in the GaDOE documentation so that districts can have a better understanding of the relationships between the elements.  The GaDOE data collections team has already provided a draft file layout document to those attending their data collection workshops around the state in August.
  • Claiming process- What determines the school contact (email addresses)?
    The school contact information will be coming from the GaDOE portal.  The individual school or district must inform GaDOE of the contact information.
  • How will GSSIS resolve name problems (i.e.; hyphenated names, legal first name vs. called name)?
    The same procedures that we use for SR should be applied here.  The GTID will be the unique identifier for the student.  The GSSIS will match on the GTID not the student’s name (i.e. Robert or Rob).
  • During the creating new id phase, one participant created a student with the last name of Grey, then searched for Grey-Storm.  The search located the student named Grey; however, when the name of Storm-Grey was entered, the search was null.  There was also concern with students with foreign names.
    This is a known defect of the search engine.

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Questions brought up during ETL Training
The questions that were posed by the participants are listed below with answers.

  • How do I know when a file in an ETL Load Plan batch has errors or not?  View Example

  • Will elementary schools + pre-k & kindergarten have to enter schedules and course numbers?  Not in this phase of GSSIS, but definitely in the future.

  • Will there be more training for school and district level staff?  This has been requested by some of the districts.  We determine if a follow-up/refresher training session is feasible.

  • Can it pull in class size?  Not in Phase 1.  It will be collected using the legacy data collection for 2005-2006.

  • 3.3 Import GTIDs p. 18 step 2 “District Number field contains a valid DOE assigned eight-digit County District code” shouldn’t this be 3 digit district code?  This is part of vendor specific documentation.  Pearson will need to answer this question.

  • If your GTID file is for district level but you import (SASI) school by school will it update the students in the school and ignore students from other schools?  This is related to the SASI import program so this question needs to be directed to Pearson.

  • 3.4 p.22 1. From the File drop-down, click the Open Template button (Where is the drop down to open template?)  This sounds like vendor specific documentation again.  Please direct this question to Pearson.

  • What are the 21 Files, File layout, what is doe looking for? The DOE Data Collection group is currently conducting training sessions at all of the ETTCs during which they provide a list of the data elements that will be collected for GSSIS.  The will post that document at the end of August for those who can't attend the training.  Additionally, the conversion of those data elements into the 21 eScholar templates is handled by the SIS extract utility.

  • Will we get a list of error codes?  Currently, the only list of error codes was the one provided in ETL training.

  • How will DOE phase in end of year student records?  Since all the data will be pulled for the monthly uploads, SR data will be part of those uploads.  There will be a specific sign-off deadline to verify the accuracy of the SR data; it will be a similar date to what is currently used for SR.

  • SchoolMax 3.4 p. 30 there are 20 templates listed should be 21?  Since this is vendor specific documentation, this needs to be referred to Maximus.

  • Race Errors: how will they be handled?  Each district will be responsible for verifying the accuracy of their own data.

  • What if a person logs into the portal and they do not see the GSSIS link?  Send in a dticket or call the Help Desk.

  • What is the address for LIVE Upload server for SchoolMax?  This question needs to be directed to Maximus.