April 11, 2006



Take a look at our Spring and Summer schedule of courses for PLU Credit.

Offering courses such as…

Movie Maker, Interactive Teaching using Hot Potatoes, Google Earth, SMARTBoard, ACTIVBoard, Environmental Education, iMovie, and Podcasting.

Check our schedule and reserve a spot now!

Call 706-821-0630 for more information



Math Teachers…

Free online graphing tool that rivals a graphing calculator available for the next few months.

See the MathResources page at http://www.letsdomath.com/mrionline/ .


And April is Math Education Month….



Science Teachers…


Check your Certification status at the PSC website.

Everyone should be checking to see that their InTech credit is posted.  Contact our office if you see that your credit is not posted.



Patrick Crispen coming to Augusta!!

July 13 and 14, 2006

Patrick will cover Google 70-20-10, Blogging 101, and Guide to the Most Useful Sites in the World.

.5 PLU credit

Lunch provided



Take another half credit course to get a full PLU!

Call 706-821-0630 for more information or visit



Easter Online Jigsaw Puzzles


Quick Calendar

April 13 and 14 – Britannica Training

April 16 – Easter Sunday

April 18 – AYP Update Training

April 19 – Day 1 – Movie Maker class

April 21 – Interactive Teaching class

April 25 – Day 2 – Movie Maker class

April 25 – AYP Update Training

April 26-29 – NCTM Conference in St. Louis



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