How to Drape a Dupatta at Your Wedding to Look Exquisitely Beautiful

Are you a bride-to-be?

Are you freaking out because your big day is approaching near?

Are you rummaging through various styles to copy?

Well! This article will cover all your worries and provide the easiest tips to drape that long dupatta. Also, you can check out some Bollywood designer lehenga choli designs in the stores and on the website of Akhand Wholesalers.

As your big day is approaching near so you must be exploring one or the other way to try for each of your wedding functions and the celebrities images looking surreal must be agonizing you.

Don’t worry, the following tricks will help you look like a celebrity on your wedding day,

1. The usual saree look can never go out of fashion

This might seem obvious but if you are confused then this is surely a to go choice. It is easy, elegant, and needs no extra support for handling. All you have to do is drape the dupatta like a plated saree and you are good to go with minimal pin ups and easy carriage. You can also give it a shot for one of your functions and you will be amazed at the classic choice.

2. The double-sided drape if you have a very heavy dupatta

If you have a very heavy dupatta with a simple blouse then this style will fit you the best. It will cover your blouse from the front and leave the back flowing to veil your head. The easy way can be adopted by tucking one corner in the lehenga. Then take the plated side from the back and tuck another end on the adjacent shoulder to cover the front. You can buy some latest lehenga designs from Akhand Wholesalers if you are still searching for that one lehenga.

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