What Are Artificial Intelligence And Computer Vision

The word Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision are the most explored and learning platform nowadays. This topic is very highly rated and logically able topic to understand. It is not easy to understand in a few days. It takes time to learn and implement further.

In this article, we discuss Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision as a small understanding. And discuss other topics like, how it will help us, what are advantages and disadvantages of AI and CV are, the Difference between AI and CV, and what tools and software are required to create your own AI and CV.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The intelligence of the system is capable of performing tasks intelligently without being explicitly instructed. And it is also capable to think and act like humans. It is like a human that can think and work like a human but can't live like a human. Basically, it is a system that has the capability to do tasks currently according to previous data.

What is Computer Vision?

It is a part of Artificial Intelligence. So, Computer vision is a field of study that knows to enable a computing system to understand and process digital photographs, videos, displays, etc., and behave as if they have a vision just as other living beings have.

Computer Vision is an overarching term and includes the following task:

  • Image Classification - it works on images label based on the object in the image.
  • Object Detection - it is used to detect an object in an image and localize it using a bounding box on it.
  • Similarity Learning - by using computer vision we are able to find similarities between two images that are similar based on the content of the images.
  • Image Captioning - it is easy to describe the image (combine Natural Language Processing with Computer Vision).
  • Generative Modelling - it can also generate images based on the style of another image.
  • Video Analysis - in computer vision we can get processes of the entire set of digital frames for object detection and fracking.

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