Marble Interior Design Trends For Home Interior Designing

Marble is a luxurious natural stone that has made a modern comeback in the world of interior designing. Used in building the most beautiful architecture and statues from the Taj Mahal to Michelangelo's David, it still stands in its all glory. Surprisingly, the beauty and versatility of the stone isn't lost in the modern designing world.

It is an excellent option for designing both interiors and exterior spaces of various designing projects. You can incorporate marble interior design trends for home space, commercial buildings, resorts, restaurants, offices, retreats, malls and more. The stone is a classic material that is timeless, durable and offers instant beautification to space. Keep reading to know more about how to incorporate marble design trends for different home spaces.

Marble Interior Design Trends For Your Inspiration


Marble is a durable and sturdy material, so it is great for designing your kitchen. Several activities are going around in the kitchen. You can install countertops and backsplashes that enhance the kitchen look with their beautiful patterns and textures. You can also do flooring, but make sure you clean the surfaces to avoid staining. Also, do not use sharp objects on the countertop. It can lead to scratches that will further dim the entire look of the surface.

A dining table with a marble counter will also add just the right pop of colour to your dining space. You can create striking combinations with other materials like other natural stones, wooden furniture, kitchen accessories and more.


The bathroom is your domain. You can incorporate marble as an accent wall, shower wall, flooring to create a big picture. It's a practical way to incorporate this expensive material in your home that adds an element of luxe. If you are running on a budget, you can use it as an accent instead of the entire surface as vanities, sinks and bathtubs carved out of it.

Living and bedrooms

If you are a fan of open space settings, marble columns are a great option to delineate the space and make everything look organized. Further, adding decorative touches to the column or dividers will make them stand out in the room. You place some wooden shelves and cabinets and decorate them with succulents, photo frames, showpieces and more.

Also, marble wall interior designs are a popular way to create style statements in living or bedrooms. It generally is an excellent option for designing both flooring and walls. However, make sure you use it for only one of the surfaces or else the space can end up looking cold. Moreover, marble flooring looks elegant with its polished surfaces. Placing furniture and other modern material can create a picture-perfect look.

Furniture and accessories

A much easier way to decorate your home with this material is by incorporating pieces of furniture and accessories. Marble coffee tables, dressing table counters, shelves and cabinets, lamps, candle holders, fruit bowls and more are budget-friendly ways to achieve aesthetics. These small pieces offer the same pop of colour but without the price tag.

Outdoor spaces

Not just limited to the interior, marble also makes a great impression outdoors. You can install marble decks and patios for having a relaxing evening every day. The stone can be used in various ways such as pavements, pool surrounds, facades, fountains and more.


Marble is a beautiful natural stone that feels cold on the touch. But that's just it. Quarried in a wide range of colours, it can make it feel warm and more welcoming. Make sure you try out their designing trends in your home and let the magic work.

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